Granite Horizon’s enterprise content management (ECM) development practices includes integration services for document management, digital asset management, case management, and collection management.

Granite Horizon is an ECM developer and integrator. Our primary general purpose tool is Nuxeo. An open source enterprise content management framework written in the Java language, Nuxeo provides the basis of our implementations. It can be used with its own front end but more often is used as back office software powering existing front-end systems. Because it speaks the CMIS standard, it can be used easily by applications from web content management systems like eZ Publish and WordPress, to office suites like LibreOffice. As enterprise-grade software, it is backed by its vendor, Nuxeo, which provides support in the US from its offices in New York, Cambridge Massachusetts, and San Francisco California. The software itself benefits from continual development not only by the vendor, but from the skilled professional developer community. Our primary collection management tool is CollectionSpace, which in turn is built using the Nuxeo platform.

We have experience with a variety of other CMS platforms, including ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and concrete5. Contact us for your project needs, large or small.

This combination of vendor backing, open source innovation, and a client-facing integrator like Granite Horizon provides the optimal value and long-term security for our ECM customers.

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