The newest addition to our enterprise content management (ECM) practice has been CollectionSpace. We’ve provided implementation, integration, and hosting services. The application is designed for museums as well as arboreta, municipalities, and other organizations managing collections.

We’ve done ECM implementations using Nuxeo  the private sector, government, and nonprofits. In one case we built an application processing system which had to meet regulatory requirements. Another needed an implementation for medical appointment scheduling. We have also done digital asset management implementations with highly complex collection management functionality.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America was already using the eZ Publish contacted us to develop a mobile site for them. We used the existing content repository, so editors would not need to work on two separate sites. We set it up so that the mobile site would include only parts of the main site, per the foundation’s requirements. The pages would show the same content as the desktop site by default, but some of the fields on some of the pages had content that was too long for mobile. To take care of those cases, we added an additional optional field for mobile. So when it was appropriate for the client to provide abbreviated content on mobile, they could use that optional field. When it was not necessary, the system would use the field that was designed for desktop use to display the content on mobile.

The largest library system in Illinois needed a website that could handle many different types of complex media. It also needed to have separate looks and feels for children, teens, and seniors. Information needed to be customized so the people responsible for specific specific areas could manage those areas with great freedom, but would not be able to make changes to other parts of the site.