Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses the platform?

Granite Horizon In The Cloud is built on the eZ Publish content management framework. The framework was chosen because it is tested and trusted by important names: Harvard and MIT; John Deere and BMW; The Wall Street Journal and Clear Channel Communications; the European Space Agency and the US Navy.

Can it expand?

You know your needs today, but who knows what external marketing or CRM tools you'll want your site to connect with tomorrow. A big reason to choose Granite Horizon In The Cloud is its underlying content management framework--so flexible it is ready to handle multi-channel content delivery, integrate with any system that allows connections over the Internet and expand to handle new bandwidth and storage needs. Because it's in the cloud, you can focus on the business needs and leave all the details to us.

How do I start?

We're ready. Just let us know via the contact form or give us a call. We'll arrange a meeting to learn all about your project. Then we'll sign you up and hand over the keys right away so you can start getting to know the system and entering your data. While you do that, we'll apply the design you need. That's it!


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