Our Community

In addition to participation in the eZ Ecosystem, Granite Horizon does what it can to make its larger community stronger and healthier.


In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, Granite Horizon provided a grant to Catholic Relief Services for disaster relief in Haiti.

Public Radio

To promote the excellent news and analysis crucial for a healthy democracy, Granite Horizon underwrites programming on Sacramento's public radio stations: Capital Public Radio.

East Africa

Some of our best investments are on another continent. Granite Horizon proudly supports the development and relief work of local agencies in Ethiopia. It's an honor to be connected to a country with such proud heritage, national treasures, and wonderful people. Our hats go off to Catholic Relief Services for conveying our grant to the in-country agencies serving Ethiopia so well.

Mother Earth

Because of our hearty enjoyment of granite, horizons, and wild nature at its best, we try to keep it at its best. We recycle and try to buy recycled. Our server are powered by 100% renewable energy. And we offset carbon emissions from air travel with TerraPass.


More Info

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